How do I know it is time to look for professional psychological psychotherapy?

Many people are still afraid to talk about psychological problems or difficulties in their relationship. But some of them might feel the need to talk to someone, who is an experienced professional. No online information or counseling could replace this personal consultation!

You should consider professional advice, if your personal problems are affecting your quality of life and social functions at school, work or at home for more than a month. If your problems are long-lasting people tend to adjust in a dysfunctional way, using food, alcohol, drugs or overworking to reduce frustration or severe psychological problems. This must cause severe problems on the long run.

individual therapy

Some Benefits of Individual Therapy

  • Experience alleviation of symptoms
  • Change distorted views of the world to have more realistic perspective
  • Learn new ways of coping
  • Acquire new interpersonal and social skills
  • Let go of recurrent negative or painful emotions, and learn to regulate your affect
  • Identify, plan for and achieve new life goals though a therapeutic partnership

PEERS social skills groups

  • Learn appropriate and effective conversational skills
  • Learn how to appropriately use humor
  • Learn to enter and exit conversations between peers
  • Learn effective methods of handling teasing, bullying, rumors and gossip
  • Learn how to be a good host during get-togethers and rules of good sportsmanship
  • Learn how to choose appropriate friends
  • Learn how to handle arguments and disagreements
  • Learn how to change a bad reputation
  • Learn effective dating etiquette and skills
  • Learn peer resistance strategies

family & couples therapy

Some Benefits of Family and Couples Therapy

  • Resolve family and couples issues
  • Develop stronger bonds through new ways of open communication
  • Address personal issues that may be affecting dynamics of the family unit or a couple
  • Utilize objective views and strategic discussions to help family or couple progress and improve
  • Couples therapy can improve your communication, connection, intimacy, interest in each other, quality of time together, and keep the relationship healthy

community & school services

  • Receive individual 1:1 coaching for you or your child in the community
  • Generalize newly learned skills to your social environment
  • Receive in the moment coaching to have high relevance impact
  • Address unique situations, though feedback and problem solving
  • Learn from a peer coach
  • Have a professional expert support at your child's IEP meetings
  • Develop effective strategies to assist your child succeed in school

parent coaching

Some Benefits of Parent Coaching

  • New ways to look at parental approaches that keep parents stuck​​
  • Strategies to be more present for their children and increase emotional connection with their children, by being calm and non-reactive ​​
  • To take back their power and be in charge of their children​​
  • To work with children who have mental health challenges​​
  • How to set reasonable goals and rules that children will follow, and provide effective consequences​
  • To work through the complexities of a divorced/blended family​​
  • How to advocate more successfully within their child’s educational system when there are behavioral or mental health challenges

psychological assesment

Some Benefits of Testing

  • Psychological, neuropsychological and/or educational assessment are effective tools that help us explain why someone is experiencing difficulties with mood, attention, personal relationships, and or learning
  • Testing can provide answers about etiology of the condition that would further guide to  treatments that have been developed for a specific illness or disorder
  • Types of testing:
  1. Autism and ADHD evaluations
  2. diagnostic psychological batteries
  3. executive functioning evaluations
  4. educational assessment

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